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I am an educator, teacher trainer, and boundary spanner who is comfortable in both K-12 and Higher Education settings, in ESL and bilingual education, in traditional classrooms as well as online environments, in the newness of educational technology but also in "old school" grammar, in the fields of Linguistics and in Education, in English and en Español. 

Whatever the context, I want teachers to have all the tools they need to succeed. And I am dedicated to providing the resources they need to thrive.


Katie Welch, Ph.D.

Equipping Teachers to Thrive

Professional Development

I love sharing tips and tricks with other language teachers. See me in-person in Texas

or settle in on your couch and learn online.

Curriculum Design

Online courses, textbooks, and curriculum that achieve maximal engagement & make students say "Wow!" instead of "Ugh." 

Event Coordination

From conferences to summer camps to language programs, make your next educational event a success . . . without all the stress!

Thought Partnering

If you have the next big idea in education but need someone to help you organize and move the project forward, let's talk. 

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