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Here are some of the things I've been working on and writing recently.​ Click on the image to learn more. 


Dictionary Society of North America Newsletter

Education column: Using Dictionaries for Sociolinguistic Inquiry in the College Classroom


Linguistics4Teachers: K-12 Connections

A blog for K-12 teachers interested in linguistics and language teaching pedagogy.



Linguistics for Pre-Service Educators

An introductory guide to the field of linguistics written especially for future K-12 teachers in TX.



June 2020 Issue

Linguistics in General Education: Expanding Linguistics Course Offerings through Core Competency Alignment

Preparing to Pass the Texas ESL Exam

A blog post for future K-12 teachers with the need-to-know items to pass the Texas ESL Supplemental Exam.  


Baylor Interdisciplinary Core Alumni Interview

Alumni interview with Baylor University's BIC program, an innovative approach to core curriculum. 

TESOL Affiliate News

K-12 Partnerships & TEXTESOLV: Deepening Dialogues Across the Changing North Texas TESOL Community

Inquiry-Based Pedagogy

Innovative Teaching with Technology. A video about the pedagogy behind The Language of Now course at UNT-Dallas. 

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