Leadership & Service.

Big-picture thinking. 

Strategic planning. 

Leading by serving. 

On Gallup's CliftonStrengths Assessment, my top strength is intellection. While that sounds like I may sit around all day and stroke my imaginary beard, what it actually means is that I make a great thought partner.


Three of my five top strengths are in the category of Strategic Thinking. (The other two are in relationship building and execution, meaning we can have an enjoyable time working together and will actually get something done!) 

Some of the recent ways I have flexed my strategic planning muscles: 

  • Leading the steering committee for a statewide educational conference from conception to completion, including budget, project timeline, event branding, & goal setting

  • Writing a successful proposal and project management plan for a grant-funded student success initiative that directly benefited pre-service teachers at a regional university in Texas

Additionally, here are some other committees I've served on or led in the past few years: 

TexTESOLV State Conference Steering Committee*

TexTESOLV Regional Conference Online Registration Committee*

TexTESOLV Scholarship Committee

School of Education Student Affairs Committee*

University Academic Affairs 

School of Education Academic Affairs Committee 

University Curriculum Committee

Linguistics Adjunct Hiring Committee*

Faculty Web Advisory Committee

Charles E. Butt Scholarship Selection Ad-Hoc Committee

Teaching Observations Ad-Hoc Committee

Quality Enhancement Plan Sub-Committee for

Foundations of Learning Course

Faculty Awards Committee

Search Committee - Senior Lecturer for Educational Administration


*Denotes service as committee chair 



Strategic Thinking



Relationship Building



Strategeic Thinking



Strategic Thinking




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