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Innovative ideas. 

Creative content. 

Theory-to-practice teaching. 

Creating curriculum is one of my favorite pursuits, and I've been doing it for almost fifteen years! I started out developing Spanish curriculum for children, then added on linguistics textbooks and assignments, and later focused on online course development. I have taught over a thousand students in-person, online, and in hybrid contexts and have created online course shells that have served many more. 

Higher Education


Core Curriculum:

Application of Learning Foundations (2017)


The Language of Now (2014-2018)


School of Education:




Principles of Language Study (2012-2016)


Acquisition of English as a Second Language (2013-2019)




English Language Acquisition by Spanish Speakers: Theories and Methods (2017)


Department of Linguistics & TESOL:


Sociolinguistics (2013)


Internship in Linguistics and ESL (2012)


Intro to Linguistic Science (2010)


Second Language Acquisition (2020)



Linguistic Analysis (2009, 2012)


TESOL Practicum (2012)


TESOL Teaching and Observation (2012)

Favorite assignments: Using a Smurf comic book as a way to teach introductory linguistics, the lively in-class debate about first language acquisition theories (including GameDay-inspired signs), an internet-based scavenger hunt tracing the origins of the word boojie, and the LOL research project about student texting behaviors. And a lot more!

K-12 Education


In addition to preparing hundreds of teachers in K-12 literacy and language acquisition content and pedagogy, at various times I have held teaching positions in elementary and secondary schools. I am currently certified in the state of Texas in ELAR 4-8 and ESL.

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